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[16x16] Sine craft [V.82]

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[16x16] Sine craft [V.82]

Post  Minecraft on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:26 pm

Welcome to SineCraft! Now v8.2!

This pack was called SmoothCraft before!

The latest version of this pack is compatible with Minecraft Beta v1.3!

SmoothCraft SineCraft is a 16x16 texture pack featuring clean lines and simple designs.

This is my first 'from scratch' Minecraft texture pack. I guess it would best fit into the 'simple texture pack' category. At first glance it's loaded with simple and minimalist designs. On further inspection you might see a little modernism thrown in for good measure. But if you look very closely you might find that this pack is more than meets the eye.

In any case, I wanted to create a pack where each block could be easily identified. The color palette and some of the block designs are inspired by Doku's RPG texture set. I also ditched the normal Cobble style in favor of a brick style. At this stage terrain.png is complete, and a new GUI is included. A modified version of vamediah's item set is also included. [Note that I still plan on creating a new item set from scratch, it just takes time.] This pack is also compatible with the Wild Grass mod.


v8.2 -- MAJOR UPDATE -- 2.23.2011

With this update I tweaked a lot of the textures in the pack. Most changes were minor, but I did completely redesign the wooden plank and glass textures; those of you that felt the old glass was too hard to see through should like this release, and the new planks tile much better than before Very Happy

DOWNLOAD: [New Indicator] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
DOWNLOAD: [Old Indicator] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And just for fun, below is a preview of the current set since it's changed so much since the v6 screenshots. Click for a larger image.


v8.1 -- MAJOR UPDATE -- 2.23.2011
When I was updating terrain.png for v8.1, I forgot the new texture that is to the right of the obsidian texture. I have added the texture and redesigned it to match the rest of the set. I also redesigned the new masked white texture from Beta v1.3 to match the set. It's similiar to the redstone texture, except it's white.

v8 -- MAJOR UPDATE -- 2.22.2011
Well, it's been almost a month to the day since release v7, and Beta 1.3 is out now so it's update time once again! This update adds the new items introduced in Minecraft Beta 1.3, those items being the Bed and the Redstone Repeater/Delay blocks. These textures were re-created to match the rest of the pack. It also includes ... er ... whatever the two new masked white textures are in terrain.png. In addition, compatibility with the Wild Grass mod was kept in, and I also added the lily pad textures for that mod.

v7 -- MAJOR UPDATE -- 1.23.2011
Heh. So, I lied when I said that v6.x would probably be the last major update for a while. I just couldn't stop finding things I wanted to change. In this release, I have made minor edits to the doors, glass, and torches. I just didn't feel that they were detailed enough before. I also made minor changes to the water texture to make it smoother, and I changed Clay Brick and Sandstone to match the Cobble Brick design. In addition, I re-designed [s]Reeds[/s] Sugarcane, and I made some major edits to the Wheat and Wild Grass textures to make them look cleaner. And finally, I tweaked the Dispenser texture to make it more Dispenser-like. This probably will be the last major update for a while. The only things left to add are a new minecart texture, the art pack, and maybe mobs, but I have little interest in doing any of those. I also never got around to doing a proper 'from scratch' item set, but that's okay too.

v6.2 -- MINOR UPDATE -- 1.23.2011
In this release I tweaked the sign texture a little to improve readability.

v6.1 -- MINOR UPDATE -- 1.23.2011
I accidentally botched a folder name inside the zip file with release v6. As a result, boats and signs didn't work. This update fixes that.

v6 -- MAJOR UPDATE -- 1.23.2011
Boats and Signs are included in this release. At this point the pack is pretty-much complete. I doubt there will be any updates for a while.

v5.1 -- MINOR UPDATE -- 1.22.2011
In this minor update to v5, I changed the cobble again. The lines no longer contrast with smooth stone. I also replaced the old water with a new texture that should be less headache-inducing (but Lava remains unchanged since everyone seems to like it.) In addition, I fixed a minor symmetry oversight in inventory.png.

v5 -- MAJOR UPDATE -- 1.22.2011
With this release, the pack now comes in two flavors -- one with a totally new mining progress indicator, and one with the bar-style indicator from v3. The new progress indicator follows the outlines of the mosaic blocks. It won't match every block, but it will match the pack as a whole. While I was working on the new indicator I tweaked the cobble block to have less contrast. I also tweaked all of the ore textures, they should be more distinctive now. In addition, I changed the plant/flower textures back to red/yellow styles since they are now used in dyes.

v4.1 -- MINOR UPDATE -- 1.15.2011
After I released v4 I realized that Notch added a new block specifically meant for the top of the furnace. I placed the wrong texture in that spot for v4. The correct stone texture will now be displayed on the top of the furnace.

v4 -- MINECRAFT BETA 1.2 COMPATIBLE! -- 1.14.2011
In this release I have updated the pack to be fully compatible with the new Minecraft update, Beta 1.2_01. I have included all of the new blocks, items, and a GUI file for the cage (is the cage even present in-game yet?) I changed all of the new block textures to match the mosaic design of the pack, including the cake. I also changed the cake item icon to match the new texture.

v3.2 -- IMPORTANT UPDATE -- 1.10.2011
I accidentally left out the new progress indicator in v3.1, download this release to fix that.

v3.1 -- 1.10.2011
This is a minor update from v3. I changed the leaf texture to better match the mosaic feel of the pack, but it looks kind of wonky so I'll probably change it again in the future. In addition, I replaced the default mining indicator (the cracking texture) with a modern progress indicator. I feel that it fits the pack better, and it makes mining easier in dark areas. I got the idea from copperdomebodha's Sanguine pack but this progress indicator is my own design. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just observe.

Before, when you mined a block, you'd get the following animation:

Now, you'll get this animation:



1.23.2011 -- SineCraft v6!


1.10.2011 -- v3 Release / New GUI overhaul!

^Overhauled inventory screen. Note the change in the GUI color palette.

^Overhauled hotbar, health, armor. I think the health and armor bars look much cleaner with this design.

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