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Rules of Minecraftmotion (Read before posting)

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Rules of Minecraftmotion (Read before posting)

Post  Minecraft on Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:19 pm

If you do not follow these rules you could be banned and if anyone abuses this rule report the post or inform a admin/moderator with PROOF!

1.Respect other users and you will be respected back
2.Do not post viruses
3.Scamming or Spamming is not tolerated
4.Do not advertise THIS IS OUR STRICTEST RULE!
5.Do not beg or leech for ANYTHING
6.Do not sell stuff that do not match our marketplace rules (Will be posted soon)
7.Do not hassle staff e.g. multi messaging staff for attention
8.No asking for stickys (Your post will Be deleted if performed)
9.Abusing the report button is not accepted you will get banned from reporting for life
10.Obey all staff commands!

If you want us to add a rule let us know!

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