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The walls of babylon

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The walls of babylon

Post  Minecraft on Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:41 pm

Did you ever feel like building a tower to the heavens, so glorious that it would enable you to reach god himself?
Well, now you can!

Welcome to the Walls of Babylon!

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This texture pack's aim is to capture the beauty of ancient Babylonian architecture as well as the general historical feeling of the region. If you use this pack, you can enjoy its exciting features such as...

What does this pack do?

Currently this pack changes the terrain.png, that is all the blocks the world is made of except pumpkins, as well as the mine carts, boats and signs.
Coloured wool is changed into decorated bricks to allow for detailed walls.
Apart from that, most blocks are changed into something that keeps their character (cobbles are stone or mud bricks, record players are music boxes and such).

What plans are there for this texture pack?
In the future, I plan to redo the few textures that are either not yet changed or still based on Minecraft's original textures. I will also likely change some of the textures that are already reworked, based on input I receive from people who actually use these textures. I will also rework the items, and maybe mobs and armour, if I find something good to change them into. And, of course, I want to make sure the pack stays compatible with future updates of Minecraft and any blocks and features that are added.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas, comments, criticisms or praise, please let me know. And, of course, enjoy this pack!

Version history:
v0.1: Most blocks on the terrain.png are edited.
v0.2: More terrain blocks edited (all except pumpkin). Mine carts, boats and signs edited.

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Walls of Babylon:
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